The inception of PHP in the application development scenario has revolutionized the creation of web solutions.  It is an open source scripting language to cater the needs of web development. There are a number of PHP frameworks designed to support the creation of dynamic websites and web application.

These frameworks reduce the development cost and allow developers to write fewer codes. PHP frameworks offer libraries for database access, session management and has pre-built modules for performing complex coding. It also speeds up the development process. There are different PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend, Seagull, Akelos, etc. These are highly preferred by developers and designers as it increases the programming efficiency. Some of the top PHP frameworks are:

It is used as an extremely useful profiler and debugging toolbar. It is largely customizable allowing the use of different software components already used in the project. It is light and only requires two folders. It works well with http accelerators like varnish.

It is highly recommended for businesses. Its enterprise support makes it popular and highly preferred by companies across the world. It also offers a variety of features to simplify the development process. In addition, the apps developed can be tested quickly on its custom server with minimal configuration across different platforms.

It is highly considered for making life easy for programmers. If you are planning something which is going to occupy less space, then CodeIgniter is the way to go. It is all about speed. It is used by freelancers, small teams and large organizations alike. In addition, any difficulties arising during its use are addressed in its active community, chat services and forums.

Fuel is gaining popularity as it is giving ways to a fresh approach. The best thing about Fuel is that it rolls out new features and one of these are presentation models.

It is a nimble framework useful for the developers using Ajax. It takes care of input validation, mundane security tasks and SQL injection essential for a full fledged application. Yii carries forward some of the great features of Symphony such as plug-in architecture and filter design. It also adds new features such as error handling and lodging. It is responsive across different platforms making code shifting easier.

Some of the major benefits of using PHP frameworks are:

·         Application can be developed quickly
·         Standardized application and architecture development
·         Applications developed are light weight
·         Codes are compatible
·         Debugging is easy
·         Code modification functionality
·         Codes can be reused
·         It spares the developers from complex coding
·         Questions and problems while coding are addressed through online help, community and forums

Coming back to the popularity of these frameworks, many organizations have been utilizing this robust platform and technology to build world class web application and web solutions. All the business needs for development of eCommerce, customization, web application, etc can be delivered at affordable prices.

There are many companies having expertise in development of applications using these frameworks. The experts are capable of creating advanced database and admin module for businesses.

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