The Codeigniter is like a cherry on the top for PHP lovers that provides hassle free web development solutions. Unlike other open source platform, Codeigniter web development solution serves users with the pre developed framework that helps them to create complex though sophisticated web development solutions. This is the comprehensive tool that serves swift and cost-effective web applications. Because of the simple interface and rich set of library, Codeigniter is the most popular one among the PHP developers. It has the perfect blend of coding functionalities that assist developers to implement the codes significantly without any further configurations, and hence allow them to take the leverage of its utility. This is the excellent website application framework for managing and structuring your web apps. For developing the wide range of flexible and scalable web application,     . Apart from hassle free website and customized web apps development, Codeigniter serves several other benefits.

Benefits of propelling your website with Codeginiter

There are very significant reasons for why Codeigniter is famous among the PHP lovers in developing smart and full functional web applications. These benefits can be listed as:

Ease for Understanding

When working with this framework, there is no need for a developer to excavate back and do some hard time efforts knowing and understanding Codeigniter. The experts have developed this PHP framework keeping this factor in mind and hence, it asks developer to get well-versed with Codigniter before developing any web app for website. This indeed is a great advantage for developers, which will always encourage them to come up their best work.


For programming, each line of code, logics and structure written by developers are well researched first via Internet. Also, Codigniter is well documented with examples in lots of places for illustrating its usage to the developers. It also assists them with a quick study of the behavioral pattern of the coding structure. This need of perfection from codigniter from developers has made it a versatile PHP tool for website development.

Zero Hazards

This is one the main reasons for Codeigniter being famous among developers. While developing, Codeigniter uses the simple way of handling the coding models thereby, leaving developers with zero hazards. Moreover, with standard mimed SQL queries, it becomes easy for developers to deal with customized tasks. Hence, it brings zero hazards and maximum results.


If talk about CakePHP vs Codeigniter, simplicity can be a great factor that distinguish the Codeigniter with simpler code modeling techniques. This is because of the built-in library serves the most of the purpose for developers. The major part of work gets accomplished in controllers and uploading libraries. The entire work is crystal clear, and for developer it becomes easy to understand the work and bugs in coding structure. Hence, Codeginiter provides simplicity to the developers.

Apart from these, there are many other features that make Codeigniter the most popular PHP framework to use for website and web app development. The huge community, third party extension, data validation, files uploading class, session management and model-view-controller based system of codeginiter has propelled the developers to always come up with their best for users. Hence, because of such benefits, codigniter is considered as one of the best PHP frameworks for website development.

Quick CakePHP vs Codeigniter Differing Points

Including PHP4, both are quiet similar in their approach except for the following points:

  • As compared to CakePHP, Codeigniter is more flexible and provide robust solutions
  • Codeigniter has built-in library, while CakePHP do not
  • With Codeigniter there is more clarity of documentation and online support, unlike CakePHP
  • Codeigniter is incredibly fast where as CakePHP is damn slow
  • Codeigniter gives more clear visibility with code as compared to CakePHP

Every open source PHP framework has its own pros and cons; hence, owing to the above comparison it is clear that Codeigniter has a clear win over the CakePHP framework. Hence, if given a chance to choose between these, it would be wise to choose Codeigniter than CakePHP. Therefore, if you want to get your website customized or get it develop from scratch     .

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PHPDeveloper, an offshore PHP development company, is providing its clients with extensive range of X-cart development services that too at economical rates. The company that specializes in web designing and development in several robust     PHP frameworks houses an extremely talented pool of X-cart developers who can provide customized shopping cart solutions to the clients in this framework.

Because of a rise in ecommerce sites, the online merchants are now looking for competent X-cart ecommerce web development services that can cater to their specific requirements. Therefore, PHP Developer is paying special heed to these services. Explaining the importance of X-cart development in India, one of the senior developers said, “Offshore countries like India has always been an affordable option for development of feature rich ecommerce sites. Therefore, we have extended our range of X-cart solutions for our clients.”

Right from the development of shopping cart to database migration, the company furnishes its clients with the following services in X-cart shopping cart software that address several requirements of online merchants:
  • X-Cart Custom Shopping Cart Development
  • X-Cart Template Design
  • X-Cart Module Development and Integration
  • X-Cart Payment Gateway Integration
  • Database Migration to X-Cart        
  • X-Cart Software Development
  • Maintenance and Support for X-Cart
The experienced developers of PHP Developer combine client-centric approach with these services that help them to work closely with their clients and at the same time, enable them to comprehend the needs of their clients in a better way. A senior project manager of the company reasoned the need of client-centric approach, “As the field of ecommerce development is changing, the needs of online merchants are also changing. Knowing their viewpoint and expectations helps us to provide them with the most profitable X-cart development solutions.”
The senior project manager also said that what set the company apart are its extremely affordable rates for X-cart development services. Further, PHP Developer also provide its clients with different hiring models under which they can      who would work exclusively on their project. The company says that this one-to-one approach had proved to be more effective for their clients and has produced dynamic online stores built with X-cart software.

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CakePHP is a savvy web application development framework. It has several features that can be used to meet the requirements of the clients. But, in spite of so much perfection, things can still go wrong from the developers’ end. As a competent CakePHP developer, you must ta    ke care of the following things and you should avoid making these mistakes during web development in this platform.

Make Sure that You Use the Latest Standards
When you are developing site in this open source framework, make sure that your developed site or web app meets with the latest web standards. There are several scatterbrained developers who, in a rush to complete their projects, forget this part. However, as a professional, you must remember that ignoring the web standards can lead to other unwanted costs in the long run.

Don’t Forget to do Your Homework
CakePHP manual can help you to understand and accomplish things, but before going through the manual, you need to ensure that you have fully comprehended the CakePHP tutorials that are available on the net. There might be various things in the CakePHP manual that you may have difficulty in understanding. In that case, check out the tutorials and do not proceed with documentation until and unless you have understood the part of the manual that caused difficulty.

Do Not Stuff Extra Features
Confidence is good but over-confidence is injurious to your clients’ website. Don’t try to exercise your expertise in your clients’ website. Do what have been asked from you. As a skilled developer, you might feel like incorporating one or two extra features of CakePHP that will make the site better. But, few additions can increase the loading time of your site and that may upset your customers. So, it is better to stick with the specifications provided by your clients.

Do Not Skip the SEO Part
During CakePHP website development, you should not forget about CakePHP’s SEO-friendly features. So, when you work on the URL structure of the site, make sure that you have optimized the URL by incorporating necessary keywords into it. However, here also the incorporation of keywords depends on the choice of your clients. So, don’t forget to get it cross-checked with your client.

Testing is Important
If you can use CakePHP efficiently, then there are minimum chances of mistakes. But, to err is human. So do subject your CakePHP website or app to various tests to ensure that it does not contain flaws and even if it does, they are all removed. Test the website or application on the basis of different parameters like performance, bugs, security, etc. Just because it uses a savvy platform doesn’t mean that it’ll become flawless.

CakePHP is a preferred development platform of developers because it uses well-known software patterns and software engineering concepts like ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Model-View-Controller architecture, etc. With such a robust architecture, it can be used to produce highly dynamic websites given that the CakePHP developers take proper precautions from their side.

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PictureHire Drupal Developers from PHP Development Company
Any website providing the best information about its business reaches the pinnacle of success. Usually people get their business website ready but fail to keep it updated and match the industry standards. With so many tools and applications for web design and development, people often get confuse while selecting the best CMS that fulfills their business need. This is where the use of Drupal for designing websites comes in handy and serves your purpose.

Drupal is an open source CMS software which allows you to create and modify the website. It has a reputation of being a rich and powerful platform for creating high performance websites. With the help of Drupal, you can develop a blog site and web pages for your organization to develop a strong online presence.

Looking at the current market conditions, it is essential for your business to stay on the forefront of developments. It has become necessary to keep fresh and updated content on your website. As the updates keep coming, you want to change the content frequently. In order to fulfill these needs, you must have a powerful content management system. Drupal web design & development is the perfect solution.     

It offers a diverse set of features and functionality that allows developers to create the website with precision and ease. It has its own set of advantages for the development process, these are:

• Cost effective platform
Drupal being an open source technology, it is available for free. Start-up organizations generally prefer it for this reason. New updates on this technology are easily available over the web.

• Easy Management
Once the website is built using Drupal, you can easily manage the content on the website. It does not require you to have technical expertise.

• Easily customizable
This platform offers easy customization options. This feature comes in handy for designing and maintaining website with enhanced features. No matter what your needs may be it is capable of delivering the best solution for your business website.

• SEO friendly
The website designed using this platform is highly rated on search engines. This promotes your business and drives traffic on your site.

When it comes to development using Drupal, its large community provides continuous add-ons and updates. For developers, it offers benefits such as drag and drop facility, color contrast and intensity, image handling, form labeling, etc. To leverage the benefits of this CMS software you need to approach professionals.

There are many professional companies offering development services. When you look for development services, you need to select the developers capable of fulfilling your business needs. An ideal Drupal development enterprise would provide following services:

• Website development and maintenance
• Custom themes
• Customization as per the needs
• Custom module development
• Module implementation and up gradation

The benefit of hiring professionals is that they provide solutions matching your business requirements. They take the inputs from your side and come up with better ideas.

If you are planning Drupal web design and development, then hire us. We are capable of developing websites and providing precise solutions for businesses working under different verticals.

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PHP development has become a necessity for all those businesses that wish to make online presence. While there are several strong reasons as to why companies should select PHP as their web development platform, there are stronger reasons for those companies to outsource their PHP development to an offshore country like India. However, not every on-shore company is convinced to take this step, and it still ponders as why an organization, which is earning handsome revenues, should outsource PHP development to India rather than having its own in-house development.
Surprisingly, what such companies overlook is the several benefits that are bestowed by project outsourcing. Yes, outsourcing PHP development projects to India furnishes individuals as well as companies with some clear-cut benefits that are described below.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India

A Huge Savings on Investment
When a company decides to hire in-house development team, it is well aware of the various costs that it has to incur. Right from spending on the infrastructure to the training and development of the developers, there are lots of things that require capital, which means huge investment. While it might be possible for extremely large enterprises to spend so much, the small- and mid-sized businesses simply can’t afford the expenditure.

By outsourcing your whole project to an offshore firm in India, you simply pay the development cost and nothing else. You can find firms in India that have proper infrastructure with proper facilities. Hence, you can save all that extra amount of money that you spend on infrastructure and training, etc.

Client-Based Approach
A big reason for companies to have in-house development team is that they get websites or web apps that are developed in accordance with their requirements. You’ll be happy to know that most of the offshore companies in India have client-based approach in which they note down your requirements, and then they proceed with the development task based on those requirements. This is a huge benefit for companies that are outsourcing as they don’t have to compromise with their requirements, and don’t have to spend extra money for the same.

Have Your Own Virtual Development Team
In India, there are plenty of offshore development firms that offer hired services under which the clients are allowed to choose developers of their choice. The clients are provided with the profile of the developers and the clients can select those developers whom they find to be the most fitting for their project. This means that you can have your own virtual development team, which would provide you with profitable solutions for your problems.

Expertise and Experience
India is a country that has huge potential in the IT sector. As the country is getting more and more industrialized, the number of experienced developers and designers is increasing. Therefore, you can easily find firms that have developers with domain expertise who have years of experience in the development industry. So, you don’t have to worry about finding a skilled workforce, and at the same time, you’ll save yourself the tedious task of recruitment.

As the Indian sub-continent is getting urbanized, the IT sector is becoming more and more sophisticated. Sound infrastructure, skilled developers, and latest technologies – the Indian offshore PHP development firms can provide you with all the requisite things. Therefore, you can certainly strike a profitable deal by outsourcing your PHP development project to India.

If you want to leverage maximum benefits of outsourcing PHP development to India, then visit PHP Developers. It is a reputed offshore PHP development company in India where you can get the skilled workforce with sound infrastructure.

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