The Codeigniter is like a cherry on the top for PHP lovers that provides hassle free web development solutions. Unlike other open source platform, Codeigniter web development solution serves users with the pre developed framework that helps them to create complex though sophisticated web development solutions. This is the comprehensive tool that serves swift and cost-effective web applications. Because of the simple interface and rich set of library, Codeigniter is the most popular one among the PHP developers. It has the perfect blend of coding functionalities that assist developers to implement the codes significantly without any further configurations, and hence allow them to take the leverage of its utility. This is the excellent website application framework for managing and structuring your web apps. For developing the wide range of flexible and scalable web application,     . Apart from hassle free website and customized web apps development, Codeigniter serves several other benefits.

Benefits of propelling your website with Codeginiter

There are very significant reasons for why Codeigniter is famous among the PHP lovers in developing smart and full functional web applications. These benefits can be listed as:

Ease for Understanding

When working with this framework, there is no need for a developer to excavate back and do some hard time efforts knowing and understanding Codeigniter. The experts have developed this PHP framework keeping this factor in mind and hence, it asks developer to get well-versed with Codigniter before developing any web app for website. This indeed is a great advantage for developers, which will always encourage them to come up their best work.


For programming, each line of code, logics and structure written by developers are well researched first via Internet. Also, Codigniter is well documented with examples in lots of places for illustrating its usage to the developers. It also assists them with a quick study of the behavioral pattern of the coding structure. This need of perfection from codigniter from developers has made it a versatile PHP tool for website development.

Zero Hazards

This is one the main reasons for Codeigniter being famous among developers. While developing, Codeigniter uses the simple way of handling the coding models thereby, leaving developers with zero hazards. Moreover, with standard mimed SQL queries, it becomes easy for developers to deal with customized tasks. Hence, it brings zero hazards and maximum results.


If talk about CakePHP vs Codeigniter, simplicity can be a great factor that distinguish the Codeigniter with simpler code modeling techniques. This is because of the built-in library serves the most of the purpose for developers. The major part of work gets accomplished in controllers and uploading libraries. The entire work is crystal clear, and for developer it becomes easy to understand the work and bugs in coding structure. Hence, Codeginiter provides simplicity to the developers.

Apart from these, there are many other features that make Codeigniter the most popular PHP framework to use for website and web app development. The huge community, third party extension, data validation, files uploading class, session management and model-view-controller based system of codeginiter has propelled the developers to always come up with their best for users. Hence, because of such benefits, codigniter is considered as one of the best PHP frameworks for website development.

Quick CakePHP vs Codeigniter Differing Points

Including PHP4, both are quiet similar in their approach except for the following points:

  • As compared to CakePHP, Codeigniter is more flexible and provide robust solutions
  • Codeigniter has built-in library, while CakePHP do not
  • With Codeigniter there is more clarity of documentation and online support, unlike CakePHP
  • Codeigniter is incredibly fast where as CakePHP is damn slow
  • Codeigniter gives more clear visibility with code as compared to CakePHP

Every open source PHP framework has its own pros and cons; hence, owing to the above comparison it is clear that Codeigniter has a clear win over the CakePHP framework. Hence, if given a chance to choose between these, it would be wise to choose Codeigniter than CakePHP. Therefore, if you want to get your website customized or get it develop from scratch     .

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