CakePHP is a savvy web application development framework. It has several features that can be used to meet the requirements of the clients. But, in spite of so much perfection, things can still go wrong from the developers’ end. As a competent CakePHP developer, you must ta    ke care of the following things and you should avoid making these mistakes during web development in this platform.

Make Sure that You Use the Latest Standards
When you are developing site in this open source framework, make sure that your developed site or web app meets with the latest web standards. There are several scatterbrained developers who, in a rush to complete their projects, forget this part. However, as a professional, you must remember that ignoring the web standards can lead to other unwanted costs in the long run.

Don’t Forget to do Your Homework
CakePHP manual can help you to understand and accomplish things, but before going through the manual, you need to ensure that you have fully comprehended the CakePHP tutorials that are available on the net. There might be various things in the CakePHP manual that you may have difficulty in understanding. In that case, check out the tutorials and do not proceed with documentation until and unless you have understood the part of the manual that caused difficulty.

Do Not Stuff Extra Features
Confidence is good but over-confidence is injurious to your clients’ website. Don’t try to exercise your expertise in your clients’ website. Do what have been asked from you. As a skilled developer, you might feel like incorporating one or two extra features of CakePHP that will make the site better. But, few additions can increase the loading time of your site and that may upset your customers. So, it is better to stick with the specifications provided by your clients.

Do Not Skip the SEO Part
During CakePHP website development, you should not forget about CakePHP’s SEO-friendly features. So, when you work on the URL structure of the site, make sure that you have optimized the URL by incorporating necessary keywords into it. However, here also the incorporation of keywords depends on the choice of your clients. So, don’t forget to get it cross-checked with your client.

Testing is Important
If you can use CakePHP efficiently, then there are minimum chances of mistakes. But, to err is human. So do subject your CakePHP website or app to various tests to ensure that it does not contain flaws and even if it does, they are all removed. Test the website or application on the basis of different parameters like performance, bugs, security, etc. Just because it uses a savvy platform doesn’t mean that it’ll become flawless.

CakePHP is a preferred development platform of developers because it uses well-known software patterns and software engineering concepts like ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Model-View-Controller architecture, etc. With such a robust architecture, it can be used to produce highly dynamic websites given that the CakePHP developers take proper precautions from their side.

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